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Date: 26/07/2019
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
The Moph Denies Claims over the Establishment of a New Governmental Hospital in Baalbeck Funded by Iran
The media office of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak issued the following statement:

“The Ministry of Public health reaffirms the necessity of strict compliance of social media with the regulations of the profession and would like to clarify the following:
  • Any news or information related or attributed to the Ministry of Public Health without reference to the media office of the Minister shall not be published or circulated under penalty of prosecution.
  • The information posted by an online news media site and the subsequent news published by social media stating that the Ministry of Public Health will build the largest hospital in the Middle East in Baalbek funded by Iran are baseless allegations
  • The Ministry is working with International entities to establish a new governmental hospital in Baalbek-Hermel district.” 
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