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Date: 14/05/2018
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Hasbani during the Ceremony Honouring the Memory of the Deceased Pr. Khaled El-Mohtar
NNA- An honoring ceremony was held on the commemoration of the second anniversary of Pr. Khaled El-Mohtar’s passing, during which a memorial dedicated to him in Aramoun was unveiled, at the invitation of his family and the municipal council and under the patronage and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani. The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Nazih Saab representing Sheikh Akel Chief of the Druze Unitarian Community, Dr. Naser Zaydan representing the elected deputy Taymour Jomblatt, Samir Chehayyeb representing Deputy Akram Chhayyeb, Amin Abou Zebyan representing the Chief of the Arab Tawhid Party Wiam Wahhab, University of Albany – USA representative Jennifer Walia, the chief of Irfan Establishment Sheikh Ali Zein Eddine, the president of Aramoun Municipality Fadil Jawhari, the two commissioners for social affairs and culture in the progressive socialist party Khaled El-Mohtar and Fawzi Abou Diab, presidents of municipality, and spiritual figures.

After the Lebanese anthem, Rima Khaddaj delivered a statement in which she noted that they are all gathered to honor one of the most renowned doctor and outstanding promising inventor in human service.

A documentary was then screened, showing the inventions of the deceased doctor in the USA where he used to work and teach.

“On the commemoration of the second anniversary of Dr. El-Mohtar’s passing, I have memories of the deceased’s life; Dr. Khaled was a brilliant reanimation doctor. He had a kind and merciful heart and had a sense of humor while doing his job, giving his patients great confidence. He was also a researcher, innovator, and a beloved teacher… Khaled El-Mohtar was a real friend and colleague, we miss you and will never forget you,” said the representative of the University of Albany – USA Jennifer Walia.


In a statement, Hasbani noted that it was an honor to him to be present among them, and do all his best to attend ceremonies honoring brilliant figures from Lebanon. “On this occasion, I made sure to attend this ceremony in person since I share with Pr. El-Mohtar many principles he reflected in his humane work. We have also the same age and lived in Lebanon and abroad. We both share the passion to return to the beloved country Lebanon.”

After the ceremony, Minister Hasbani and the attendees headed to Aramoun square where they unveiled the memorial of the doctor made by brothers Assaf.