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Date: 16/06/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Hasbani from Rmeish: We Demand the Return of the Syrian Refugees to their Country and the Repatriation of the Lebanese Deportees from the Occupied Territories
Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani visited Lady of the Annunciation Monastery, Bint-Jbeil District accompanied by the Lebanese forces Gulf region coordinator Fadi Salameh where they met the residents of the villages of Rmeich, Ain Ebel, Debel and Quaouzah.
“I am here today to meet you, look into your faces and listen to your problems, challenges and ambitions. Wherever we are, and in any position we take, we always look forward to work hand in hand with the parties directly concerned in the services of the state in order to respond to a part of the Lebanese’s expectations across Lebanon. This goal is to be achieved notwithstanding the distance separating the people from the centers, towns and decision-making posts, since decisions can be made everywhere if the officials are close to the citizen submitting a complaint.”
Hasbani called on for collaborated efforts and partnership. “There are many problems and concerns. Some of the village’s concerns are individual, while others are general. Thus, we have to work on the general concerns and focus as well on the special ones in the region.”
“There is no doubt that Lebanon is enduring several crises such as the immigration that weighs heavily on the Lebanese society, and we are all working to find a fast solution to this exceptional case and ensure the safe return of the displaced people to their homeland. However, we didn’t forget that there are Lebanese people outside the country and that we have to work seriously to bring them back safely to Lebanon. We hope to pursue this path with transparency and credibility, and work together notwithstanding our differences and opinions from time to time regarding one subject or another. The most important thing is that we maintain partnership while working to build state institutions that are the keystone for building a strong state and democratic republic for which many martyrs were killed,” Hasbani added