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Date: 12/07/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MTV Website
MoPH: Toxins in Breastfeeding Milk in Lebanon are within WHO Normal Rates
The Information office of the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:

Annahar newspaper published on 6 July 2018 an article entitled: “Is breast milk contaminated in Lebanon? Two studies show the toxins rates”. This article misrepresents facts and includes ambiguous information. The Ministry of Public health would like to note the following:

The titles in the article are not accurate and aroused suspicion among mothers concerning the importance of breastfeeding, which left a negative impact on all the efforts put to support breastfeeding mothers, given the health, psychological and emotional benefits that apply to both mother and child.

The results of the studies were fragmented and wrongly translated. The information was not treated in the scientific context of the study. In its original version that appeared in English, the study shed light on the importance of breastfeeding that remains the most suitable practice for both mother and baby, as it protects him from toxins.

The original studies show that toxins’ rates found in a sample taken from the breast milk of a Lebanese mother are within WHO normal rates and breast milk of the Lebanese mothers do not pose any harm to infants.Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health urges all the media to approach all issues scientifically and affirms its readiness to any clarification, as it reiterates its support to all the mothers to breastfeed their infants since breastfeeding remains the healthiest method for infant and young child nutrition.