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Date: 31/03/2020
Author: NNA
Source: NNA
Guidelines for the Management of Bodies of the Deceased
The Director General of the Ministry of Public Health issued a memorandum that provides guidelines on how to manage the bodies of the deceased persons with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, since the virus survives for a period that may extend to hours (not exceeding 48 hours according to the World Health Organization) through the spread of droplets while washing the body.

During shrouding, the memorandum cautioned that the fluids of the deceased should not be touched. It stressed also on the importance of the appropriate use of protective equipment if shrouding does not require washing the body. If washing the body is required at this stage, one should wear a coverall suit, safety goggles or face mask and gloves.

For its transport, the body should be placed in an impermeable and perfectly sealed plastic bag. All the surfaces and tools should be cleaned with water and soap to remove blood and body fluids, then disinfected, including the car. The body should be immediately transported to the cemetery.

The body should not be touched during the burial ceremony and only the close family members should attend it.

The memorandum mentioned that there was no need for an exceptional burial procedure as to the depth of the grave.
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