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MOPH Achievements to Enhance Transparency and Reduce Corruption

  1. The adoption of Transactions and Workflow System – TWFS
The Ministry of Public Health has adopted since 2005 the digital TWFS and the decentralization in the registration of transactions in the departments and services of different administrative units. These transactions are electronically connected to the Diwan Service through the centralized electronic registry. An electronic serial number is given to the transactions registered in the different departments.
This information system enables the citizens to track the status of their transactions by searching the same on the system of the administrative units of the Ministry or on its website.
This system helps simplify the administrative procedures and improve transparency in terms of the provision of information on the administrative transactions and makes them available to the Ministry’s officials as well as the citizens, which may limit corruption and information monopolies.
  1. Standardization and automation of forms related to the administrative transactions
In the context of the efforts exerted to simplify the administrative procedures and provide the citizens with better services, and within the administration modernization and development plan, the Ministry of Public Health implemented the automation of the administrative transactions forms that are adopted by the Ministry in collaboration with OMSAR.
These forms are published on the website of the ministry, in addition to the all the information related to the submission of the applications, i.e. the concerned department, the required documents, conditions and fees, the days of submission, the duration of the transaction…
  1. The website of the ministry
The Ministry of Public Health was one of the first institutions in Lebanon to develop its website on the internet in the mid-1990s. Since then, the Ministry is doing its best to improve the site and introduce the latest available information in line with its policy to strengthen transparency and relieve the citizens from the burden of administrative procedures.
The Ministry has recently launched a new website that constitutes a reference to all the citizens with regard to the latest developments in the health care sector.
The information regularly published on the Ministry’s website include the following: information on the ministry – rules and regulations – administrative transactions – publications – media center – complaints – health prevention – health care – quality and safety – promotion and awareness – programs and projects – statistics …
Digital services for several administrative transactions were recently launched to enable the citizen submit his application through the internet. The citizen will only head to the Ministry to receive his transaction upon completion with all the original documents.
The ministry is currently publishing the information available on the database of the drugs registered at the Ministry and the administrative measures taken by the Ministry with regard to the violations that threaten the public health.
The website features also the locations of all the health facilities, such as hospitals, laboratories and radiology center, as well as all the relevant information, in particular the health care services provided by each facility.
  1. E-services
Minister of Public Health Wael Abou Faour issued decision No.998/1 dated 08/06/2016 that allows the Ministry to adopt the E-services and receive some applications through the electronic gate of the ministry.
The citizen can now benefit from better services through the fastest means by submitting his application and the scanned documents through the internet. The application is automatically registered into the TWFS and the citizen can track it from his place.
  1. MOPH mobile application
To keep up with the latest developments and promote the e-government, the Ministry of Public Health was one of the first administrations to develop a mobile application for smart phones in 2013 to ensure better interaction with the citizens.
This application is available on App store and Play Store and allows the citizen to get informed on the following:
  1. List of drug prices
  2. Special conditions to benefit from the medicines of incurable diseases provided by the Ministry
  3. Special conditions to benefit from the medicines of chronic diseases provided by the Primary Health care centers
  4. List of the Ministry’s administrative units, their numbers, fax and e-mail
  5. The geographic distribution of the governmental and private hospitals
  6. List of the primary health care centers and their numbers, fax and e-mails
  7. List of the primary health care centers and their locations
  8. Access to the latest news and activities of the ministry
  9. Link to the website of the ministry
  10. link to MOPHLEB on You Tube to access the activities of the ministry
The structure of this application is unique and its content is credible. It enables the citizen to access the list of drugs registered at the MOPH, which includes the prices, in addition to other different subjects.
The MOPH won the Pan Arab Excellence Award for this application for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016).
  1. The introduction of a unified complaints mechanism
To activate accountability, the MOPH exerts all possible efforts in order to strengthen its relationship with the citizen and build a strong bond based on confidence, by enabling the citizen to submit any complaint and express his opinion regarding any issue that caused marginalization, injustice or suffering.
The Moph adopts a unified complaints mechanism to receive and follow up the citizens’ complaints through different means, and register the same by an information system. Citizens can now submit any complaint through the following:
  1. The hotline of the ministry 1214 through which complaints are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. The moph Mobile App .
  3. The website of the ministry:
  4. The e-mail of the ministry:
  5. The Facebook of the ministry:
  6. The Diwan service of the ministry
  1. The promotion of transparency in the pharmaceutical sector
The ministry of public health has taken major steps for the promotion of transparency in the pharmaceutical sector since 2007 in collaboration with the World Health Organization in the context of the Good Governance in medicine.
The achievements include:
  • The constitution of a national committee for the national programme of drugs good management and the promotion of transparency in the pharmaceutical sector by the minister’s decision No.812/1.
  • The adoption of internal regulations for the technical committee responsible for the registration of drugs.
  • The development of a guide on the drugs and pharmaceutical products registration procedures in Lebanon.
  • The publication of the agenda and decisions of the technical committee.
  • The publication of the lists of submission of applications for drugs registration in chronological order
  • The update of the drugs good manufacturing practices guidelines
  • The development of the administrative transactions procedures guide at the pharmaceutical service, including the licensing of pharmaceutical facilities
  • The development of the administrative transactions procedures guide at the drugs import and export department
  • The development of the administrative transactions procedures guide at the pharmacy inspection department
  • The development of the administrative transactions procedures guide at the narcotics department
  • The development of drug pricing procedures guide in Lebanon
All the information mentioned above are published on the ministry’s website.
This work comes within the context of the sound governance at the ministry of public health that helps clarify and facilitate the transactions and relies on transparency in decision-making and transactions follow-up.

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